Today, at the dawn of the information age, we are often surprised to learn that many of the procurement and purchasing practices that are considered revolutionary, were in fact developed thousands of years ago!

From the crafting of contracts and legal obligations, to the certification of contractors and the development of material quality standards; nearly every aspect of procurement as we know it today has its roots in the public projects and commercial enterprises of societies that existed centuries before our own, leaving no doubt as to the importance of procurement and supply chain to the development of complex societies.

ERP software doesn’t just enable supply chain management strategies, it informs your teams and keeps them running at peak efficiency. This ensures your business runs smoothly in the face of supply chain disruption. We can break down the role of Epicor ERP alongside supply chain management into eight main categories:

  • Demand
  • Inventory
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Warehouse
  • Advanced Material
  • Supplier Relationship
  • Supplier Connect

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Three types of flows in SCM:

Material flow– The physical flow which represents the movement of product from supplier to customers as well as the movement of product from customers to suppliers in case of servicing, repairing etc.

Information flow – Capacity, order tracking, delivery schedule.

Financial flow – The credit terms, invoices and other ownership arrangements. This flow requires the highest level of co-operation between members of the supply chain.


Automated purchasing tools improve supplier collaboration, order accuracy, and negotiating while streamlining purchase order writing and tracking of supplier performance.

Improved on-time delivery reduces inventory levels, which improves cash flow and enables cross-referencing, mass purchase order receipts, requisition tracking, and more.


Inventory management is made easy with statistical forecasting and planning tools that enable collaboration, consolidation, and aggregation.

Leverage invaluable insights to decrease on-the-shelf inventory, enhance flexibility, improve fill rates, and deliver a better customer experience overall.

Visual tools make interacting with supply chain demand data efficient and easy.


Meeting customer expectations becomes easy with superior visibility into costing, tracking, and country of origin.

From purchase order through manufacturing and shipping, material flow management becomes easy with an extensive suite of analysis tools, including shortage monitoring, reorder analysis, stock status, and many more.

Reduce annual audit costs significantly by leveraging automated control and regular inventory counting tools provided by ERP solutions for the supply chain.

Shipping and Receiving

Efficiency, speed, and a consistent interface promote the rapid processing of shipments and receipts to provide reliable tracking at every stage of the journey.

By tracking container shipments and regularly updating purchase orders with enhanced accuracy and information visibility, your business can improve reliability and deliver on expectations without sacrificing time, money, or customer goodwill.

By driving out the cost of freight, insurance, and import duties with landed cost processing functionality margins improve significantly.


Drive out errors and wasted resources by automating pick-and-pack, mobile-driven, and pre-pack fulfillment processes.

Leverage greater visibility into resource utilization throughout your warehouse to optimize processes and improve efficiency.

Rapid fulfillment capability enables businesses to better compete not just on cost and quality but on speed, as well.

Advanced Material

By simply scanning a bar code tag you can produce accurate and timely electronic requests for materials.

Ensure that the right parts are delivered to the right resource at the right time utilizing an online queue of raw material and WIP parts

Track movement of raw materials and WIP to continuously improve efficiency

Supplier Relationship

Make smarter and more informed sourcing decisions thanks to greater visibility and insight into supplier communications.

Create centralized records for buyers, parts, and suppliers to maintain accuracy, simplify workflows, and eliminate redundant data entry.

Reduce transaction times with automated tools that quickly convert supplier responses into actionable purchase orders.

Supplier Connect

Enable business partners and customers transact with your brand online for a competitive advantage.

Improve collaboration by offering supplier self-service on open orders, part information, and access to invoice history.

Reduce staff time spent answering email, phone, or fax inquiries and increase efficiencies of your sales team.