Seamnia Technologies: Why Us?


SEAMNIA Guarantees Highest quality software services at the lowest cost!
Drivers for Outsourcing

Highest Quality Software Services at the Nominal Cost – Guaranteed!

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, an organization’s timely response to these changes has become not just a matter of sustaining a competitive edge, but one of mere survival. With uncertainties and opportunities looming every moment, it is of highest importance to a business to get the right kind of information, timely and cost effectively. SEAMNIA’s very fabric is woven around this paradigm. We have developed a reputation of providing the highest quality information systems at the lowest cost to our clients.

Why should clients out-source projects to SEAMNIA?

Progressive businesses rely on SEAMNIA to develop and provide hi-tech, cost effective solutions to their doorsteps in the shape of competitively-priced software products and services because SEAMNIA has:

The Cutting Edge

Strength and proficiency in providing top quality information technology solutions in the age of instant information and efficient communication.


SEAMNIA has earned the reputation of being the quality service provider in the industry by having an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Strong financial backing enables the maintenance of research programs to keep our highly qualified personnel abreast of the latest trends in technology and software development.


The objectives for quality assurance at SEAMNIA are to develop software that is fully functional, meets clearly defined requirements, and is delivered consistently on time and within budget. Quality of the delivered the original source product is assured through the implementation of the following processes:

  • Well-defined implementation and testable system specifications
  • Design and implementation cover all requirements
  • Proper test planning and test cases to assure compliance
  • Traceability of major application transactions throughout the design, implementation and testing phases.


Customer Satisfaction

Our business paradigm is based on the importance of relationships and a relentless search for greater accomplishments. At SEAMNIA, we never lose sight of a commitment to fulfilling the particular needs of every client.