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Staff Attendance, HR Payroll

As soon as you take on responsibility for more than a few employees, the complexity of logging their time and tracking their attendance increases dramatically. Making sure all work is reported accurately can turn into a major headache! Thankfully, intelligent software solutions can take a lot of the guesswork out of tracking staff attendance. What businesses don’t realize they need is an online staff attendance system for today’s workforce. Time Management tools like Time Clock Wizard simplify all aspects of time recording, allowing every member of your team to get more work done.

Staff Attendance

  • Define Master Like Leave Package Master, Holiday Master etc.
  • Smart card/ Finger print attendance integration.
  • Manual Punching.
  • Online Submission and processing (acceptance / rejection) of leave application.
  • Maintenance of leave records for staff.
  • Daily absence reports for administration.
  • Online submission and acceptance of leave.
  • Salary setup.
  • Automated Salary Generation on the basis of Attendance.
  • Performance and appraisal.
  • Resume data bank and search.
  • Customization.